PNEUM-501A-1 Pneumatic Fixture 03058

Pneumatic Fixture
Pneumatic Actuate Grip (1), 2kN @ 7bar, 0-6mm Opening, Includes Pyramid Jaws

The Starrett PNEU-501 Series is a pneumatic-actuated test fixture ideal for miniature sample sizes. The fixture supplies a clamping force of 2kN at 7bar. The fixture is supplied with pyramide serrated 0.8x45-degree jaw faces. The clamping surface is 5x5mm. The PNEU-501 is sold as a single fixture (1 grip).

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  • Pneumatically-actuated Test Fixture Operation Improves Testing Efficiency
  • Hands-free Testing Increases Testing Productivity
  • Improves Testing Throughput
  • Ensures Repeatable Results
  • Application Examples: Composites, Films, Foams, Foils, Medical Devices, Metals, Packaging, Paper, Plastic, Rubber


  • Adapter Size: 15.9mm, (5/8in)
  • Material of Construction: Aluminum
  • Clamping Surface: 5 x 5 mm
  • Clamping Force: 2kN (450lbf) @ 7 bar (max 15 bar)
  • Face Type: Pyramid
  • Operating Temperature: 0-¦C to +70-¦C
  • Packaging: 1 Each
  • Weight (each): 0.8 kg

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