717 Gaging Amplifier With Power Supply 67001

717 Gaging Amplifiers
Gage Amplifier, analog display, Range: .010" to .0001", 0.200mm to 0.002mm, Grads: .0005" to .000005",0.01mm to 0.0001 mm

Starrett has made electronic gaging easier with the 717 Electronic Gage Amplifier. With both analog and digital output, the 717 offers fexibility in data presentation while providing the best approach to comparative, dynamic and differential precision measuring.

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  • Features analog and digital output
  • Choice of remote data send using PC, pendant or foot switch
  • Accuracy: Within +/-2 percent of full scale
  • Power Requirements: 110 volt VAC/60Hz (AC adaptor furnished)
  • Data Output: Digital: ASCII serial data, Analog: +/- 2.5 VDC/Full scale
  • Size: Dimensions: Height 9-1/4" x width 5-1/2" x depth 5-1/2" (235 x 140 x 140mm)
  • Weight: 6 lb. (2.7kg)


  • Made in America: Yes


  • 252Z-24 (51216)
    252Z-24 Height Transfer Gage
  • 252Z-14 (55890)
    252Z-14 Height Transfer Gage
  • 715-1Z (64479)
    715-1Z LVDT Lever Type Probe
  • 715-2Z (64480)
    715-2Z LVDT Length Probe

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