255Z-12 Vernier Height Gage 51229

255, 255M, 255EM Vernier Height Gages
Vernier Height Gage, 0 - 12" Range

The Starrett 255 is the "baby brother" of the 254 Master Vernier Height Gage. It is essentially the same tool, but a much lighter version for normal use where heavy duty applications are not practical. 0-12"-¥ Range, .001"-¥ Grad with Case.

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  • Long, 50-division vernier scales that can be read to .001 or 0.02mm without a magnifying glass
  • Flush-fitting of the vernier scales to the main scale eliminates parallax
  • Easy-reading sharp black lines and figures against Starrett satin chrome finish background
  • The scriber and the base are designed so that the gage will read directly from zero
  • Slides easily for quick adjustment and has a screw type adjusting nut on the bar for precise positioning
  • The design of the hardened and stabilized bar plus the balanced design and weight of the base eliminate vibration
  • The base is hardened, ground, and lapped and is hand shaped for sure grip and easy movement
  • The vertical bar is positioned near the center of the base for balance and stability
  • Ability to scribe lines, measure with dial indicators or electronic probes and accept depth attachments


  • Made in America: Yes
  • Range (in): 0 - 12"
  • Graduations (in): .001"


    Catalog 33 - Section 3 - Height Gages

    Height gages measure the distance from a reference surface, such as a surface plate, to some feature of a part, and can do so with exceptional accuracy. We also offer a comprehensive range of scribes, attachments and accessories for all of your height gaging needs.

    Precision Hand Tools (Catalog 33)

    612 page catalog featuring precision hand tool, force measurement, vison systems, optical comparators, laser measurement, and flat stock.

3D CAD Files / Exploded Parts Diagram

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      Member of Kit
      Item #DescriptionPart No.QtyInformation
      1VERNIER GAGE, 12"255-121
      2•BAR, #255-1213783-01
      3•SCREW, .125-40 ADJ. X 1.312 LONGPT130971
      4•NUT, .125-40PT131001
      5•SHIM, VERNIER PLATE13865-02
      6•SCREW, #5-40 SLOT X .217 LONG24559-04
      8•SCREW, .125-40 LOCK X .270 LONGPT130941
      9•NUT, .125-40PT130981
      10•BASE #255-1213781-01
      13•SCREW, 1/4-28 LOCK X .563 LONG13790-01
      14•SCRIBER HT.GA. AUXPT137911
      15•SCRIBER CAR., #255PT992551
      16••SCREW, #5-40 LOCK X .406 LONGPT137931
      17••CARRIER, AUX SCRIBERPT137861
      18•GIB, SLIDEPT137921
      19•SHOE, CAR LOCK SCREWPT164951
      20•SCREW, .187-50 LOCK X .281 LONGPT131011
      21•CARRIER, SLIDE ADJ.13795-01

    California Proposition 65 Warning

      WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov