Entry-Level Force Measurement
New Starrett L1 Innovative, Entry-Level Force Measurement Systems
Starrett L1 Force Measurement Systems comprise our innovative, entry-level computer-based force testing solution. Optimized for production and quality control testing, they are easy to setup, operate and maintain. L1 Systems can be used to perform a wide variety of testing methods including Load Limit Testing, Distance Limit Testing, Break Limit Testing, Cyclic Count Testing, Cyclic Duration Testing, Constant Load Testing and Constant Distance Testing.
L1 Hand-Held Force Gages

Starrett digital force gages can be used as handheld force gages for basic applications or as a force sensor when used with a FMM Digital Force Tester , MTL and MTH Manual Tester.

L1 Digital Force Testing Systems

FMM testers are available in three capacities: 110lbf (500N), 330lbf (1500N) and 550lbf (2500N). Two travel lengths are available for all capacities: standard travel at 20" (508mm) and extendedGǪ

L1 Manual Force Testing Systems

The MTL Manual Testers are single column, manually-operated force testers. These testers operate with a quick-action lever in either tension or compression directions. Force measurement is performed using a Starrett DFC or DFG digital force gage.


Turnkey system solutions for material testing, force analysis and force measurement. Our systems distinguish themselves from the competition by making it easy to create and perform a test, and manageGǪ