Surface Plate Accessories
Complementing the wide range of Precision Granite Surface Plates is a wide range of accessories including stands, protective equipment, squares and more.
Surface Plate Stands

Surface Plate Stands are constructed from welded square steel tubing to provide exceptional strength and durability. Steel crossbeams are located at the proper support points toGǪ

Surface Plate Covers

Prevent abrasive build up on your plates with our covers made from heavy gauge vinyl with a soft interior lining. Our covers provide a tough, durable, protective outside with a soft GǪ

Surface Plate Cleaner

To keep surface plates and other precision granite products in top condition, they should be cleaned frequently with Starrett Cleaner. This helps prevent abrasion of tools by dirGǪ

Toolmakers Flat

These handy flats are small precision surface plates that are ideal for many inspection and checking uses throughout the plant. They are especially well suited for layout work aGǪ

Granite Tri-Squares

Three-Face Granite Tri-Squares provide an excellent, economical way for accurately checking the X-Y-Z axes on CNC machine tools and coordinate measuring machines. Lying in the horizGǪ

Five-Face Master Squares

Five-Face Granite Master Squares are popular for accurately checking the X-Y-Z axes on CNC machine tools and coordinate measuring machines. Lying in the horizontal position, the X and GǪ

Granite Parallels

Produced in four standard sizes, Granite Parallels are useful in setting up work on surface plates and machine tables. They can also be used to elevate work above the surface of a plateGǪ

Granite Angle Plates

Angle plates provide a convenient and practical means of clamping and holding work in a vertical position. Their excellent finish and flatness make them very compatible for use with GǪ

Inserted Angle Plates

Inserted angle plates are available upon request. This product is the same as our standard angle plate, with the addition of metal discs inserted into one side. The inserted angleGǪ

Granite Straight Edges

Straight edges are produced from pink granite, as are all of our accessories. Straight edges have a single long, narrow face finished flat. LaboratoryGǪ

V-Blocks, 5-Face

V-Blocks are ideal for supporting or holding cylindrical pieces during manufacturing or inspection. They are provided in matched pairs and have 5 finished faces. V-blocks have a nominal 90-degreGǪ

Cubes, 6-Face

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Repeat-O-Meter Reading Gage

High-precision, fast checking of surface plate repeatability with readings taken with a dial indicator. Detects local error, not overall flatness. The base has an adjustment knobGǪ