Precision Hand Tools
Starrett Precision Hand Tools have been the standard for high quality dimensional measuring tools since 1880.

When accuracy greater than or equal to 0.001" is required, the micrometer is usually the tool for the job. Starrett micrometers are designed and built to the highest standards.GǪ

Slide Calipers

Slide calipers provide large measurement range, flexibility and accuracy up to 0.001." Starrett offers a broad range of slide calipers with exceptional quality. These tools typicallGǪ

Height Gages

Used from a flat surface such as a Starrett granite surface plate, height gages measure the distance from the reference surface to some feature of a part, and can do so with excGǪ

Depth Gages

Depth needs to be measured in many situations GÇô sometimes by simply putting a precision rule into a hole or slot and determining a measurement by eye. For higher levels of precisionGǪ

Indicators & Gages

Indicators are precise gages that visually show movement, typically in very small increments. Among many applications, they are used on fixtures for repetitive inspection or attached toGǪ

Bore Gages

Bore gages measure inside hole diameter with high accuracy. The operator turns a knob or releases a trigger to simultaneously extend the contacts outward until the wall is touched by GǪ

Tool Sets

Starrett offers a selection of tools sets that combine several products in the same box. Some combine a selection of basic tools such as a 0-1Gǥ micrometer, 0-6Gǥ caliper a few otherGǪ

Data Collection Systems

Data collection is an increasingly important part of manufacturing, and one of the main drivers in the movement toward electronic measuring tools with output. At the top of the StarretGǪ

Hardness & Surface Roughness Testers

The hardness or texture (roughness) of a surface can be important to the performance or usage of a component for a variety of reasons. Starrett has added to and updated its tester lineGǪ


Ensuring perpendicularity or squareness is at the heart of creating precision products. Starrett offers a broad range of high quality solid squares, try squares and specialty productGǪ

Precision Rules, Straight Edges & Parallels

Starrett Rules, Straight Edges & Parallels are the most precise and durable precision rules available. Sharpness of graduations, readability and the overall quality of our rulesGǪ

Protractors & Angle Measurements

In setup for machining, layout and inspection, determining an angle is among the most common activities. Our bevel vernier protractors provide the highest level of precisionGǪ

Calipers, Dividers & Trammels

It is the most prestigious award in the automotive industry and the trophy has been seen on hundreds of ads GÇô the unmistakable profile of a Starrett outside spring caliper. TodayGǪ

Hole Gages

Hole gages help determine the diameter of a hole. While their function is similar to bore gages, they are less precise, much simpler tools that require measurement of a transferred GǪ

Fixed Gage Standards

Fixed Gage Standards include a comprehensive choice of standard gages that quickly check dimensions on a variety of workpieces. They are very useful for in-process and final inspection.GǪ

Precision Shop Tools

With only a few exceptions, this section offers Starrett quality tools that do not measure. They are tools needed frequently in manufacturing, such as; a variety of scribers and die GǪ

Machinsts Levels

Starrett offers a wide variety of levels, many for jobsite and workshop applications. This section has a different type of level GÇô precisely made metal tools with ground surfaces designGǪ

Education, Merchandise, Spare Parts

Starrett offers a variety of educational products and merchandise. These two categories cover the full spectrum of our loyal customer base - from those craftsmen and craftswomen just GǪ