Used from a flat surface such as a Starrett granite surface plate, height gages measure the distance from the reference surface to some feature of a part, and can do so with exceptional accuracy. accuracy. Starrett offers a full range of height gages. Our Altissimo advanced electronic height gage is rich in features and exceptionally accurate. gages are available with a choice of range and feature sets. Our vernier height gages are still preferred by many for their exceptional accuracy. For the highest level of accuracy, we offer DIGI-CHEK gages. These tools are typically used in combination with the various scribes, attachments and accessories available from Starrett to complete the inspection work.
Electronic Height Gages

Starrett Electronic Height Gages are innovative and loaded with Starrett exclusive functions. They are portable and easy to use for vertical measurements within their range.GǪ

Dial Height Gages

Starrett Dial Height Gages are very useful tools for machinists and inspectors. Applications include scribing lines for layout and height measurement (with or without dial testGǪ

Vernier Height Gages

Starrett Vernier Height Gages are accurate, rugged and reliable tools that give precise and dependable measurements over long ranges. It has an easy-to-read vernier, are strongeGǪ

Height Gage Accessories

Starrett Height Gage Accessories consist of parts and components that complement the height gage family.GǪ

Other Height Gages

Other Height Gages include more traditional height gages with unique characteristics.