Tire Industry Products
Tire Industry Products include systems for component preparation (extrusion, calendering, belt and apex), tire building (carcass, belt/tread and shaping), final finish (bulge and depression, inspection), and R&D (bead-to-bead profile, tire inspection and tread wear measurement).
Off-Line Profilometer 3D

Profilometer3D is the most advanced tread scanning technology available. It is powered by CrossCheckHD dual-triangulating sensors to simultaneously acquire 512 tracks of data in each tread orGǪ

Off-Line Profilometer

Tread extrusions are no more precise than the dies used to make them. When a new die is cut it should be well-centered, so the operator can optimize the extruder set-up. After some time, uneven dieGǪ


The Bead-to-Bead Profile Measurement System (B2B) scan tires for profile.....

On-Line Profilometer

OLP monitors extrusion dimensions and alarms when key dimensions exceed the allowable tolerances. Dimension changes often indicate changes in rubber visco-elastic properties, changes in the equipmentGǪ

Ply and Belt Width Monitor

The Belt, Ply, and Extrusion Width Monitor is a general-purpose width measurement system configured for tire manufacturing components such as fabric plies, steel cord breakers, and rubber extrusions. The system...

Green Tire Uniformity System

The Green Tire Uniformity System is a sensor and software package used to scan green tires at any stage of assembly to measure key geometric features that affect cured tire uniformity and balanceGǪ.

Tread Wear Imaging System

Tire designers are tasked with developing tires with long-lasting tread patterns.-á While rubber chemists develop compounds with better wear characteristics, it's up to the designer toGǪ


Tire makers routinely test tires as a means of quality checking. Tire360 incorporates many of these routine tests into an automatic test sequence. These include measurement for section width, circumference and tread radius; plus the location and height of treadwear indicators and...

Tire Geometry Measurement System

Tire Geometry Measurement System GEO-360 is a bulge and depression measurement system for installation on tire uniformity machines and balancers. It features the StarrettSL3 line laser sensorGǪ

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