PT06137 Pair Of Disc Contacts 20mm For 5002BZ Series 12829

5000, 5001 and 5002 Carbon Fiber Calipers
Electronic Carbon Fiber Slide Caliper Accessory

Disc contacts for 5002 carbon fiber calipers that are made of titanium coated stainless steel outside measurement jaws for long life and superior flatness

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  • Carbon fiber caliper construction significantly reduces weight, improving maneuverability
  • Carbon fiber calipers are coolant resistant
  • Carbon fiber calipers have two preset modes, REF I and REF II, which allow setting one mode to a setting master and a second to a zero setting
  • Carbon fiber calipers are full-featured, sophisticated electronics with RS232 output
  • Caliper has mm/inch mode button

Product Testimonials

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