KTS537-100ME-N Long Line Tape 30626

TS Long Tapes
Starrett 1/2'' x 100'/30m Fiberglass English/Metric Open Reel Long Tape Graduated in Millimeters, 1/8''

Open reel fiberglass long tape features a waterproof ABS frame with corrosion resistant steel exit rollers, permitting the user to measure in adverse environments. The extended rewind handle and rotating knob allow the user to quickly retract the tape into the frame after use. The folding hook allows convenient single user measuring.

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  • Features a water proof ABS frame
  • Includes corrosion resistant steel exit rollers
  • Produced with long rewind handle with rotating knob
  • Includes a folding hook ring


  • Type: Open Reel
  • Category: Fiberglass Tape
  • Length (ft): 100'
  • Length (m): 30
  • Width (inches): 1/2"
  • Width (mm): 12.7
  • Case Material: ABS Plastic
  • Case Color: Yelllow
  • Reel Type: Plastic
  • Blade Color: Yellow
  • Blade Material: Fiberglass
  • Graduation Style: English/Metric
  • Graduations: inches/millimeters
  • End Type: Hook ring
  • Winding Mechanism: 1:1 ratio
  • Packaged: Card


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