F2715AD Group 1 Electronic Indicator 72971

2700AD Electronic Digital Indicators
Analog Display Digital Indicator, AGD Group 1, SPC Output, 10mm/.4" Range, 0.02mm/0.01mm/0.002mm/0.001mm/.001"/.0005"/.0001"/.00005" Res.

The Starrett 2700 Electronic Indicator will make absolute, incremental and/or comparative measurements and implement all the features of 2700 series Indicators. System is suitable for any stand-alone gaging application. .400" (10mm) Range

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  • Rugged, sealed enclosures
  • Our most versatile line of electronic indicators
  • Available in two styles
  • Remote display and accompanying probe series
  • High Accuracy, capacitive scale design with an unsurpassed accuracy of two resolutions when measuring from a known standard
  • American designed and manufactured
  • All available resolutions can be utilized in the same indicator, provided they are coarser than the resolution of the purchased model
  • 4 resolutions and 2 measuring ranges available
  • Starrett can customize electronic indicators to meet your needs
  • Units can be designed with features such as: Special measuring ratios like 2:1 and 4:33
  • Rotating bezel
  • Output data can be used by a variety of peripherals for analysis, data collection and hard copy documentation
  • Output jack allows data transmission
  • Instant inch/mm conversion
  • Zero the tool at any position of the spindle
  • Hold button to freeze display: Displays and holds the reading after the measurement has been taken
  • Preset mode to install any reading at any point in the display. Reading is retained even if the indicator is turned off
  • Plus or minus travel direction
  • Auto Off: After 10 minutes of nonuse. When Auto Off is engaged, an hourglass figure appears at the left side of the display
  • T.I.R.: Displays the difference between the highest and lowest values reached


  • Made in America: Yes
  • Range (in): .4"
  • Range (mm): 10mm
  • Resolution (in): 001"/.0005"/.0001"/.00005"
  • Resolution (mm): 0.02mm/0.01mm/0.002m/0.001mm
  • SPC Output: Yes
  • Stem Diameter (in): .375"
  • Accuracy (in): ±.0001
  • Accuracy (mm): ±0.002mm


  • PT15878 (73287)
    PT15878 Center Lug Group 1 - 2700
  • PT15879 (73288)
    PT15879 Flat Group 1 - 2700
  • PT15880 (73289)
    PT15880 Offset Lug Group 1 - 2700
  • PT15881 (73290)
    PT15881 Adjustable Group 1 - 2700
  • PT15882 (73291)
    PT15882 Post Group 1 - 2700
  • PT15883 (73292)
    PT15883 Screw Bracket Group 1 - 2700


Product Testimonials

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