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DHG 85.DIGI-CHEK II Model DHG #(--edpnumber)#

CHEK II Digital Read-Out Height Gage

The DHG series are the world's fastest and most precise height masters, ideal for those who need the highest degree of accuracy over an extremely long vertical range. The DIGI-CHEK II series can be used in the laboratory or on the shop floor. Inspection costs can be lowered thanks to the tool's ease of use and quick setup time. Thanks to the gage block stack's free standing design, thermal equilibration times are shorter. Utilization of optional reverse reading blocks allow measurements from the underside of the master gage blocks. Resolution is 10 -¦in. for English units and .5 -¦m for metric units.

Optional Certificates of Calibration and reverse reading blocks are available at extra cost.

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  • Description: DIGI-CHEK II Height Gages

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