BU6 Jig Saw Kits 12568

New Unified Shank Assortment Pack: Includes one each: BU36, BU46, BU310T, BU3DC, BU2DCS, BU41014, BU214, BU214S, BU218, BU418, BU224, BU224S, BU424 and BU232.

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  • Starrett Unified Shank jig saw blades fit virtually all jig saw blade machines
  • Starrett bi metal Unique creates a blade with exceptionally strong teeth
  • An average of 25% more tool life when compared with existing bi metal blades
  • Shatterproof design, unbreakable during normal use


  • Application Description (Material): Unified Shank®
  • Jig Saw Blade Codes: BU36; BU46; BU310T; BU3DC; BU2DCS; BU41014; BU214; BU214S; BU218; BU418; BU224; BU224S; BU424; BU232
  • Clam (5 blades): No
  • Master Carton Box (5 pack): Yes
  • Plastic Pouch: Yes


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