94364-216W Meatkutter Frozen Blade #(--edpnumber)#

Meatkutter Frozen Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade
210 In., 6 In., 216IN 1 x 023 x 3/HK-P-A Meatkutter Frozen Carbon Band Saw

Meatkutter Frozen: Flawless, thin kerf precision ground band saw blades from Starrett deliver absolute ease of processing. The high carbon steel band saw with hardened, ground teeth provide fast, smooth, clean cuts for less food loss in comparison to conventional blades. For use on fish and frozen meat up to -4° F (-20°C).

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  • Minimal meat residue guaranteeing clean and sanitary operation
  • Fast, smooth and clean cuts, with less food loss in comparison to conventional blades


  • Width (in): 1
  • Width (mm): 27
  • Thickness (in): .023
  • Thickness (mm): 0,60
  • Pitch (TPI): 3
  • Pitch Type: Constant
  • Tooth Shape: HK
  • Rake Angle: P
  • Set Type: A
  • Tooth Height: Constant
  • Welded Band Length (ft & in): 216W
  • Welded Band Length (m): 5.4864
  • Welded Band Length (mm): 5486.4

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