94321-06-04-7/8 Meatkutter Stainless Blade #(--edpnumber)#

Meatkutter Stainless Steel Band Saw Blade
6 Ft. 04-7/8 In., 5/8 x 018 x 4/HK-P-A Meatkutter Stainless Band Saw

Meatkutter Stainless Steel Band Saw blades: Flawless, thin kerf precision ground band saw blades from Starrett deliver absolute ease of processing. Red Meat, Pork, Broilers, Turkeys, Seafood, Bone-in, Boneless, Frozen Foods, Vegetables - whatever the application, you can depend on Starrett "MeatKutter Sawing Solutions".

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  • Rust proof
  • Fast, smooth and clean cuts, with less waste


  • Width (in): 5/8
  • Width (mm): 16
  • Thickness (in): .018
  • Thickness (mm): 0,46
  • Pitch (TPI): 4
  • Pitch Type: Constant
  • Tooth Shape: HK
  • Rake Angle: P
  • Set Type: A
  • Tooth Height: Constant
  • Welded Band Length (ft & in): 06-04-7/8
  • Welded Band Length (m): 1.9526
  • Welded Band Length (mm): 1952.6

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