Off-Line Tire Tread Extrusion 3D Profile Measurement System #(--edpnumber)#

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Off-Line Tire Tread Extrusion 3D Profile Measurement System

Profilometer3D is the most advanced tread scanning technology available. It is powered by CrossCheckHD dual-triangulating sensors to simultaneously acquire 512 tracks of data in each tread or sidewall scan. This high-density data set makes 3DP ideal for detecting faint die lines needed to qualify new dies. The Starrett-Bytewise Profilometer3D was developed as an automated, non-contact measurement system for tire makers who want to achieve the highest possible accuracy in die quality. The Profilometer is used to verify the accuracy of newly-cut dies by checking the extrusion dimensions. Its accuracy and speed helps reduce the number of die trials needed to approve a new die for production. Once in production, the Profilometer is used to check each run for overall quality, and to monitor for die wear. The Starrett-Bytewise Profilometer can help you improve your extrusion quality, reduce raw materials cost, and reduce extruder down-time for die trial

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  • Made in America: Yes
  • Product Type: Off-line Profilometer 3D
  • Width Range: 600 mm or 1000 mm
  • Thickness Range: 50 mm
  • Thickness Bias: 0.015 mm
  • Thickness EoM: 0.025 mm
  • Thickness Repeatability (1-â): 0.003 mm
  • Cycle Time: 30 sec
  • Laser Frequency: 2000 Hz
  • Current at 230V: 10 A
  • Laser Classification, IEC: 3R IEC 60825-1
  • Laser Classification, CDRH: IIIa CDRH
  • Low Voltage Directive: 2014/35/EU (LVD)
  • EMC Directive: 2014/30/EU (EMC)
  • Machinery Directive: 2006/42/EC (MD)
  • Hazardous Substances: 2011/65/EU (ROHS)


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