3831 Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester 02041

3800 Hardness Testers
Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester with Touchscreen

The 3831 Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester can be used directly to measure the most popular regular Rockwell hardness scales and it can quickly convert that hardness value into HB, HV, HLD, HK and many other scales. Loaded with many useful features such as ultra precise results, wide measuring range, scale and test force selectable, automatic main test force loading/unloading, high resolution digital display and USB data storage. The 3831 is suitable for testing hardness of carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and engineering plastics.

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  • Dead Weight Test Force Application
  • Direct digital reading
  • Engineered to obtain highly sensitive and accurate readings
  • Perfect for laboratories, workshops, tool rooms, inspection labs, etc.
  • Measuring Range: 8-650HBW
  • Includes Certified Test Blocks, HRB 75-95, HRC 25-35, HRC 40-50, HRC 55-65
  • Key Performance Parameters
  • Preload - 98.1N - 10kgf
  • Total test force - 588.4N(60kgf) 980.7N(100kgf) 1471N(150kgf),
  • Load dwell duration - 2 - 50s
  • Resolution - 0.1HR
  • Display - High definition backlight LCD
  • Operation - Menu selectable push buttons
  • Auxiliary functions Upper/lower limits setting & alarm, Scale conversions: HV & HB
  • Data output: USB memory stick
  • Testing Capacity - Vertical: 8.00" Throat Depth: 7.87"-¥
  • Power supply - single phase, AC, 110V, 50 - 60Hz, 4A
  • Height: 22.04", Width: 8.07"-¥, Depth: 31.49"-¥, Weight: 175lbs (80kg)
  • Included Accessories: Large Anvil, Small Diameter Anvil, V-shaped Anvil, 120 deg. Diamond Indentor, 1/16" Carbide Ball indentor, Storage Box


  • Made in America: No
  • Results Display: Digital


    3831 Hardness Tester (Bulletin 1832)

    Datasheet stating the features, specifications, and accessories of the 3831 Hardness Tester.

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