3250MZ-150 Dial Height Gage 69861

3250, 3250M Dial Height Gages
Dial Height Gage, 0 - 150mm Range, 0.02mm Grads

The 3250 compact height gage is a very useful tool for machinists and inspectors. Applications include scribing lines for layout, height measurement (with or without an attached dial test indicator), and depth measurement (with optional attachment). It is simple to use, reliable, accurate, and fits into most toolboxes.

This item is discontinued. Please consider the recommended alternative listed above or contact our special order department at (978) 249-3551 x410 for more information.

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  • Hardened, stainless steel bar, rack, gears, scriber, and scriber carrier
  • Sharp, clear dial graduations of 0.02mm - 2mm in one revolution
  • Black graduations on the satin chrome finished bar every 1mm
  • Fine adjustment thumb roll for precision measurements
  • Vertical bar is back from the edge of the nose for better stability
  • Hardened, ground, and lapped base with finger grooves for control and ease of movement
  • Base is designed so the gage can read from the zero position up to the full range
  • Tool scribes lines, measures with test indicators, and can also be used with a depth attachment
  • Lock screws for dial and Slide
  • Includes metal case


  • Range (mm): 0 - 150mm
  • Graduations (mm): 0.02mm


  • PT08680A (51383)
    PT08680A Depth Attachment, 6" for 250 Series Dial Height Gages

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