KBS1224-10 Hack Saw Blade 40343

Hand Hacksaw Blade
12'' x 1/2 x .025 x 24TPI, 10 Pack

Bi-Metal Unique High Speed Steel Safe-Flex Hand Hacksaw Blade 300mm / 12" 24TPI 10UN.

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  • A patented solid state diffusion process produces the industry's most advance bi metal hacksaw blade
  • Massive increase in tooth strength and reduction in tooth breakage and fracture when compared against tradition bi metal blades
  • Excellent for interrupted cuts in cramped places or where the blade is subject to bending or twisting stresses


  • Made in America: No
  • Material Cutting Section (mm): 3 to 11mm
  • Material Cutting Section (in): 1/8 to 7/16"
  • Teeth Per Inch (TPI): 24 TPI
  • Dimensions LxWxT (mm): 300 x 13 x 0,60mm
  • Dimensions LxWxT (in): 12 x 1/2 x 0.024"
  • Card/Blister (2 blades): No
  • Master Carton Box (500 pack): No
  • Plastic Tube (10 blades): Yes
  • Master Box (50 pack): No
  • Master Box (100 pack): Yes
  • Plastic Tube (50 blades): No
  • Master Box (20 pack): No
  • Acrylic Display Box (50 blades): No
  • Master Box 50 blades (10 pack): No
  • Acrylic Display Box (100 blades): No
  • Master Box 100 blades (10 pack): No


    Bi-Metal Unique (Bulletin 1015)

    Starrett has broken the boundaries of bi-metal bonding technology with a manufacturing process called ""BI-METAL UNIQUE"". This document outlined the process and benefits of this Starrett-exclusive technology.

Product Testimonials

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