Hole gages help determine the diameter of a hole. While their function is similar to bore gages, they are less precise, much simpler tools that require measurement of a transferred dimension. We offer several varieties of small hole gage sets as well as telescoping gages for larger holes. Our taper gages are inserted into a hole or slot, with the diameter determined by the reading on the scale. toolGÇÖs etched scale.
Small Hole Gages

Small hole gages have either split ball or full ball contacts. Since round ball contacts cannot accurately measure close to the bottom of a hole, split-ball contacts are used insteadGǪ

Telescoping Gages

Telescoping gages have retractable contacts to achieve a wider range and enables the user to maneuver around internal features and into position.GǪ

Taper Gages

Taper gages are precision ground to a specific thickness which corresponds to a graduation on the side of the tool. Often used in slots and dimensioning recesses of parts.GǪ