Choose from a complete range of globally recognized Starrett-Webber gage blocks includes: High-grade steel gage blocks for shop floor use, longer-lasting and non-corroding ceramic blocks. Top-of-the-line croblox-« Chromium Carbide, are very stable, non-corrosive and have excellent wringability. A variety of sets are available in square- and rectangular-block versions. Individual replacement blocks and a range of related accessories are also available.
Individual Gage Blocks

Individual gage blocks are readily available in a wide selection of shapes, materials, and accuracy grades.GǪ

Gage Block Sets

Gage block sets are readily available in a wide selection of block shapes, materials, accuracy grades and piece counts. All sets are furnished in a handsome, ruggedGǪ

Angle Gage Block Sets

Angle Gage Blocks permit fast, simple and accurate measurements of any angle. They are far superior to sine bar measuring methods, that involve trigonometricGǪ

Gage Block Accessory Sets

Convenient sets of accessories are available for creating custom measuring solutions with individual gage blocks.

Gage Block Accessories

A wide selection of jaws, clamps, points and other accessories is available for square and rectangular gage blocks. These accessories in concert with gage blocks provideGǪ

Standard Reference Bars

Standard Reference Bars are invaluable for use in checking table movement of machine tools, accuracy of Vernier height gages, surface plate transfer measurement, and for finalGǪ

Gage Block Specialty Products

Digi-Check Height Gages and Accessories combine the accuracy of Starrett-Webber gage blocks with either precision mechanical or electronic digital readouts for accurate measurements GǪ

Reflecting Cubes

Stable and maintenance free, reflecting cubes are ideal for 90-¦ indexing or alignment in optical tooling or inspection. Reflectivity: 55% in the visibleGǪ

Optical Polygons and Flats

Optical Polygons provide an easy, accurate method of checking and calibrating angles. They are designed for use with autocollimators inGǪ