Metrology Equipment
With the unbeatable combination of precision mechanics, powerful and intuitive software, and support from the most respected name in measurement, Starrett Metrology Systems take video-based and multi-sensor measuring systems to the next level. Our broad range of metrology systems are ideal for use in QC labs, research, engineering, and manufacturing environments where small to large scale high-precision measurement is critical. Starrett Metrology Systems provide quick Return-On-Investment through increased product quality, user time savings and alternative equipment reduction.
Vision Systems

Starrett vision systems combine high-resolution images with robust, precision mechanical metrology platforms to deliver superb accuracy and repeatable measurement results for a wide range of measuremenGǪ

Optical Systems

When it comes to comparators, there is only one clear choice GÇô Starrett. Find out what sets Starrett comparators apart from the competition. Call us at (949) 348-1213!GǪ

Laser Measurement Systems

Starrett-Bytewise-á offers laser-based measurement systems that are employed on the factory floor for quality monitoring, process control and inspection.-á We are a vertical technology companyGǪ